The company "Akida" delivers a series of projects that can be used both as a simple seasoning and in the form of basic ingredients that can give any dish its unique taste. The main characteristic - the complete absence of chemicals, preservatives and flavor additives, as well as a variety of taste palette.


sweet delight

Mixtures for all tastes and any moment. We have available Arabica and Robusta coffee both ground and grains. Arabica in grains is excellent, especially with confectionery and sweet homemade baked goods Robusta's roasted coffee blend, with its strong and firm taste, is easy to prepare, which guarantees you a cup of rich, thick and light coffee.

Our interesting facts

A mixture of the best varieties of Brazilian Arabica and Indian Robusta, decaffeinated using modern techniques to produce a first-class espresso with a delicate taste and characteristic odor with a caffeine content below 0.10%.

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