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Welcome to our Company

Akida was created to meet the needs of small and medium-sized retailers in Europe and the CIS due to the wide choice of products carefully selected for equipping hotels, bars, bakeries, ice cream parlors and yoghurters. Akida also provides a range of services for designing and equipping laboratories.

About Us
  • Ice Cream
    It is loved and eaten
    all over the world.
    Creamy, easily dosed with a spatula,
    they form the basis for taste, which is then selected
    in accordance with the classical canons or new
    gastronomical trends.
  • Chocolate
    Enjoying high-quality chocolate
    is an experience like no other.
    The flavors are rich and complex, and there is a br large variation
    in flavors among various chocolates. In fact, the flavor compounds
    found in dark chocolate exceed those in red wine. For this reason,
    we have put together this chocolate tasting guide to assist people
    new to the world of chocolate tasting.
  • Espresso
    Locally Roasted
    Every cup is a performance of throroughly pressured hot
    water through the finest delicious and finely
    ground compacted coffee